Tomorrow Saturday “World Marijuana March 2019” in Madrid

This year and like all the previous ones, the streets of Madrid will witness this great demonstration in favor of marijuana.

On Saturday, May 11 at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid and at 6:00 p.m., the World Marijuana March 2019 will begin.

The March is organized by the OECCC, ConFAC, AMEC, REMA, 4M, Encod and the FCV. This year it has returned to bet on a musical format that previous editions turned out to be a great success. Tens of thousands of supporters of this cannabis cause are expected as in previous years.

This year and like all the previous ones, the streets of Madrid will witness this great demonstration in favor of marijuana. It will be a great opportunity for all people who in one way or another feel identified with a more social, legal and current treatment with cannabis and its users, can manifest themselves festively. The World Marijuana March 2019 hopes to be a great success of assistance.

From the entire Iberian Peninsula

Practically cannabis lovers will come from all corners of Spain. Buses have been organized in many Spanish cities that will help people from all these cities meet at this important annual event that, year after year, has been gathering more and more people.

The march is held during this month of May in dozens of countries around the world with a festive atmosphere. Spain, and in this case as always from its capital, Madrid, it is expected that the massive event is a reminder to the Spanish and international authorities that cannabis is present among us and that it has an unfair treatment even to the plant and its consumers.

Needless to say, millions of people use it or have used it. All of them cannot and should not be transgressing an unjust law. This must be legally fixed, legislation must be resolved to solve this situation by regulating its consumption, trade, cultivation and production.

Governments must legislate for their citizens and must guarantee minimum security for their consumption. The existing black market, the result of prohibitionist laws, cannot continue to be maintained. Much more dangerous substances such as alcohol and tobacco enjoy a legality accepted by all. Legality that is the minimum that is requested for another substance that is not harmless, but much less dangerous to health than those other two legal substances that are of daily use.

World Marijuana March for its medicinal use

Also, the therapeutic consumption from which so many people benefit must be regulated. Many people must have controlled access, advice and security with the highest quality guarantees for this natural medicine. Science is the greatest supporter of this substance and the therapeutic use of cannabis is increasingly used and researched by scientists and for its health benefits.

Its medicinal consumption to combat the side effects of therapies against cancer and other serious diseases, or its proven beneficial effect to combat pain, is another consumption that is widespread. Its use is already legal in many countries to help with serious diseases such as different types of epilepsy.

March for a more sustainable world

In a world where you have breakfast with the natural disasters created and helped by the hand of man and his use of fossil resources, the cannabis plant can be erected as a solution or a great help. The cannabis plant, also in its hemp or cannabis light version, is an excellent raw material that nature has given us. A greater use of this plant at the industrial level would help combat the dependence on fossil fuels with all that means.

March for Marijuana and for change in the 21st century

After years of prohibition with the cannabis plant, and that the twentieth century does not know exactly how or why, was the architect of this war against it, the twenty-first century rises with a more current look and with science and research behind.

Decades of a wrong and failed war have led to a worldwide movement in favor of a legal regime change with the plant. The fight against it has caused black markets that sustain the mafias and crime, poor security for its consumption and has not been able to combat its use. The ban has gone against people.

Nations and states around the world have begun to change their legal status and The Global Marijuana March 2019 wants to be the image of so many people who encourage governments to join this regulatory movement.

Madrid in Spain wants to be the image and voice of all those people who for one reason or another want a real change from another image and status to the plant and its users. Cannabis and for thousands and thousands of years, has been next to the human being as food, clothing, medicine, fuel and why not, as a complement to happiness and celebration.

«But how beautiful you are Maria.» World Marijuana March 2019 in Madrid. A great green party for endless claims. Mac


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