New study confirms: cannabis improves sex

New study confirms: cannabis improves sex

A new study published earlier this month by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has again shown that cannabis improves sexual intercourse. This does nothing but endorse the previous investigations in this regard.

On this occasion 373 people were surveyed, mostly white women, who anonymously answered a questionnaire between March 2016 and February 2017. Among other questions, the participants responded about their sexual activity, from current satisfaction or sexual desire, up to the quality of orgasm and lubrication during sex.


Logically, they were also asked about their cannabis use habits. If they consumed it before sexual intercourse and how often they consumed it before these intercourse. After comparing the results by type of population and other variables, these are the conclusions.

Of the test group, 176 people were cannabis users. Of these, 49 did not use cannabis before sexual intercourse in front of 127 people who were. Of these 127, 68.5% said they had an increase in sexual desire. 60.6% report more pleasant sexual relations and 52.8% also coincide in more intense orgasms. In contrast, the majority of women surveyed reported no improvement in vaginal lubrication.

The researchers determined that «marijuana seems to improve satisfaction with orgasm . « People who use cannabis before having a sexual relationship are more likely to get more pleasant experiences and more intense orgasms than those who do not use cannabis. In addition, Dr. Becky Lin, assistant professor of gynecology and author of the study states that «women use it to relieve pain during sex, to intensify orgasm and improve sexual desire.»

But why are orgasms better after using cannabis? A study published just over a year ago found a link between specific components of the body that are associated with the cannabinoid receptor system and the orgasm phase.



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