Discover 8 varieties that will increase your creativity

The effects of cannabis use are very varied, one of them would help the ability to increase creativity

Many people use cannabis for its health benefits. There are also others who use it for its goodness for creativity. Here we leave eight of them for this need.

Kali Mist: one of the flagship of Serious Seeds, winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in the years 1995 and 2000 in Hydro and Sativa categories respectively, in addition to other minor awards. It is a sativa of uncertain origin, although it is very likely to contain sativa genes from Southeast Asia and specifically from Cambodia. It is a potent variety, with very psychoactive, positive and creative effects.

White Widow: it is one of the most famous Dutch varieties and the best known genetics of Greenhouse Seeds. This indica / sativa Brazil x India hybrid was released in the mid-90s. It is a plant that stands out for its very compact, resinous buds. Its flavor is also spectacular, in addition to its powerful and balanced effects.


Blue Dream: it is a Californian variety and a classic within the most medicinal plants. It is a hybrid with sativa dominance that combines Super Silver Haze and Blueberry. The flavor retains the characteristic blueberry touches of the Blueberry, with more resinous and bulky buds inherited from the SSH. The effects are mainly cerebral, hilarious and good for creativity.

Trainwreck: also known as Arcata in reference to the variety of Humboldt County, in California. Of uncertain origin, it could be a hybrid of Afghan and Sativa indica from Mexico and Thailand. It is a plant with indica dominance and sativa characteristics. It produces resinous buds with an earthy, spicy, fruity and citrus flavor. The effects are powerful, cerebral, energetic and stimulate creativity.

Willie Nelson: is one of Reeferman’s best creations, a powerful F1 hybrid crossing Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese. In 2005, he won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the best sativa category. It is a short flowering plant to be a 100% sativa, about 12 weeks. The taste is sweet, acid and citric, with stimulating, sociable effects that will make you discover your most creative side.

Chocolate Thai: is a Thai sativa famous for being a fundamental piece in the development of the Blueberry by DJ Short (Floral Line). Also in other famous hybrids like Chocolope from DNA Genetics. As a good Thai sativa, it is a plant of very vigorous growth, flavor true to its name and very psychoactive and lasting effects, stimulates equally body and mind.

Euphoria: Dutch Passion variety developed in 1996 and winner of the Highlife Cup in 2002. It also has a prestigious second place in the 2000 High Times Cup. It is a very refined selection of the Skunk, not so sweet and faster flowering . It is a classic in indoor crops for its great performance and ease. The effects are powerful, euphoric as the name implies, and very creative.

Green Goblin: famous variety of Skunkwerk Genetics crossing of Green Lantern x RoadKillSkunk. It has indica dominance and a large Skunk load. It is a resistant plant, easy to grow and very productive. Skunky touches dominate with earthy and incense brushstrokes. The effects are stimulating, powerful and long lasting. Perfect to perform any type of creative task.


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