Discover 8 of the best cannabis varieties against pain

Discover 8 of the best cannabis varieties against pain

Cannabis users use the plant for different purposes. Fighting or alleviating pain is possibly one of the most used and there are many different options for this reason

Many people use cannabis to fight pain. There are many varieties for such need and here we leave some of them known.

Afghan Haze: This indica / sativa hybrid from Mr Nice is one of those varieties from the old Dutch school, developed with lines from Nevil Schoenmakers. It has a flowering period of 10 weeks, being climates like the Mediterranean where you feel more comfortable. In aroma and flavor, incense and spicy touches predominate. Also musky brush strokes typical of the Skunk. The effects are powerful and it is possibly the most famous variety for the treatment of all types of pain.

Cheese Quake: This is a UK Exodus Cheese x Querkle hybrid developed by the former TGA Subcool. After the fires that a few years ago destroyed Subcool’s home in California, he resurfaced with the name of Subcool the Dank, where he continues to offer us jewelry like this. It has clear touches of cured cheese and grapes, more intense than others according to the phenotype. The effects are very powerful and famous for their pain relief, after an intense brain effect follows the most absolute relaxation.

Sour Diesel: is a hybrid with sativa dominance of great fame in the United States and Europe. This is a complex crossing made in the early 90’s by the Chem Dog breeder, possibly by combining Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Mass Super Skunk. It has a very characteristic smell and taste of fuel, in addition to a very high power. As a medical marijuana it is very interesting for its properties to combat stress, pain and anxiety.



Jack Herer: it is one of the flagships of Sensi Seeds and one of the most awarded Dutch varieties in history. It is a dominant sativa hybrid that combines the 3 most influential varieties in history such as Skunk, Haze and Northen Lights. It also stands out for the variability of phenotypes that it presents, with up to four differentiated ones: three of them sativa, and the other indica. In Holland it is a variety distributed under medical prescription in pharmacies as a variety of medical cannabis.

Skunk Haze: is another variety from the old school of Mr Nice. Together with Sensi Seeds and Greenhouse, it is one of the banks that has developed the best Skunk / Haze hybrids of all time. In this case it is a powerful F1 hybrid of medium-long flowering of great production and classic Skunk / Haze flavor. The effects are powerful, mainly psychoactive and with a slow and relaxing end. It is also very appropriate as medical cannabis to treat pain, stress or depression.

Rocklock: developed by DNA Genetics, for a while now we can find it in the GYO collection, a DNA seed bank. It is a Warlock x Rockstar crossover, so it contains a large load of Skunk genetics. It is an easy plant to grow, resistant, quite fast flowering, very high production and very skunky aromas. The effects are powerful and mainly relaxing. It is very interesting to rest, relax or sleep, as well as relieve pain.


Green Crack: strain of medical cannabis from the Californian bank The Cali Connection. For their development they had the famous Green Crack clone known as Cecil B that they combined with a Cecil B x DeadHead retrocruce for two generations. It is a very fast flowering indica / sativa hybrid that offers citrus, floral, spice and sandalwood buds. The effects are powerful, balanced between physical and mental, and very durable.

Medicine Man: We finished with another of Mr Nice’s jewels, in turn a version of the White Rhino developed by him as he passed through Greenhouse. It is a great cross of Afghani x Black Widow and known for its effectiveness in treating joint, muscle aches or treating sleep disorders and stress. This F1 hybrid develops elegant and very productive plants, easy to grow both outdoors and indoors. The taste is dense and the effects very powerful.



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