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Discover 8 of the best cannabis varieties against pain

Discover 8 of the best cannabis varieties against pain Cannabis users use the plant for different purposes. Fighting or alleviating pain is possibly one of the most used and there are many different options for this reason Many people use cannabis to fight pain. There are many varieties for such need and here we leave some of […]

Discover 8 varieties that will increase your creativity

The effects of cannabis use are very varied, one of them would help the ability to increase creativity Many people use cannabis for its health benefits. There are also others who use it for its goodness for creativity. Here we leave eight of them for this need. Kali Mist: one of the flagship of Serious Seeds, winner of […]

New study confirms: cannabis improves sex

New study confirms: cannabis improves sex A new study published earlier this month by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has again shown that cannabis improves sexual intercourse. This does nothing but endorse the previous investigations in this regard. On this occasion 373 people were surveyed, mostly white women, who anonymously answered a questionnaire between March 2016 and February […]

Marijuana Blooms in Madrid

Several Madrid companies bill millions of euros with hemp and its related products. Although the plant is illegal and police persecution of the sector, they forecast a boom encouraged by foreign investment «Marijuana has not yet reached the ceiling.» Álvaro Zamora, 37, is clear. And it does not refer to the size of the plants but to the […]

Cannabis flavonoid could help treat pancreatic cancer

A recent study has concluded that a non-cannabinoid, non-psychoactive cannabis flavonoid, FBL-03G, has the potential to treat pancreatic cancer. The study, conducted by researchers with Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, used animal models to look at the impact of FBL-03G – a flavonoid derived from Cannabis sativa L. – on the progression of tumours. It demonstrated the therapeutic efficacy […]