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Cannabis club madrid

Find us in the heart of Madrid, just a short walk from Gran Via Metro.

Perfectly placed in Central Madrid, we’re surrounded by the city’s best sights, shops, and cafes. Easy to reach and hard to leave, we’re your ideal pit stop amidst the bustling city life.

Visit us for a warm welcome and a memorable Madrid experience!

Gran Via

What's a Cannabis Social Club?

In Madrid, if you’re into weed, there’s a cool, safe spot for you: cannabis social clubs. They’re pretty exclusive, so getting in isn’t a walk in the park since you’ve got to be a member due to the local rules.

Want in? Whether you’re from around here or just visiting, you’ve got to fill out a membership form first. Places like the Cannabis Madrid Club are there to help you become a member.

These clubs are all about providing a chill place where people from everywhere can come and enjoy some locally grown stuff. And get this, they’re not in it for the money – they’re non-profit. But remember, even if you’re just looking to drop by once, you’ve still got to get that membership.

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How is The Atmosphere In Cannabis Madrid Club?

In Madrid, there’s a bunch of weed clubs with their own unique styles. Some are dark and cozy, perfect for those who like to keep to themselves, while others are super sleek and open, great for making new friends.

These clubs really put effort into making sure you have a great time. The staff are super friendly and welcoming, kind of like what you’d expect from the famous local hospitality. And the people there? Super approachable and outgoing, making it easy to meet new folks and have a good time.

Unlike the busy, chaotic vibe you might find in other places, these spots in Madrid keep things tidy and calm. They’re all about maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. When you drop by, just be friendly and respectful, and you’ll mesh well with the positive vibe they’ve got going. It’s all about adding to the good vibes.


You need to be invited to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona. It’s very easy to request an invite.
You just need to be +18 years old and follow the next steps:


You need to be 18 years old at least to join the club


Fill up the form with your name and the date you come


The invite will be sent to your email


Show the invite and your ID at the reception



In Spain, weed isn't exactly legal, so you've gotta keep it to smoking in the club or at your place. Don't even think about taking it out to the streets, because if you do, you're on your own. Get caught, and you could end up with a fine or worse.

Make sure you're responsible with it. If you're in the club and a member, you're good to go and can enjoy. If you're not a member and wanna get in, you've gotta fill out the form below to ask for an invite.



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Cannabis Madrid Club

In Madrid, you’ll find these cool weed clubs that each have their own vibe. They range from dark and mysterious spots where you can chill in a corner, to super sleek places with amazing designs that make you want to chat and hang out.

These places really know how to make visitors feel good. The staff are friendly and welcoming, making you feel right at home. Plus, everyone there is easy to talk to, which means you can make new friends pretty easily. It’s all about having a good time together.

Unlike other chaotic places, these weed spots in Madrid keep things neat and calm. They’ve got this chill vibe that makes you want to stick around. When you’re there, just be cool with everyone and follow the club’s vibe, and you’ll fit right in. It’s all about adding to the good energy of the place.


Cannabis club madrid Guide